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What is CME CloudPurchase?

CME CloudPurchase


CME CloudPurchase is a Unity extension for server-side processing of in-game payments in your AWS cloud environment.

Its key difference from similar systems is complete control and significant cost savings thanks to a cutting-edge approach to cloud deployment in AWS. Sounds intriguing yet complicated? We have prepared step-by-step guide on creating and setting up a new account, and the process of deploying cloud infrastructure can be done from the Unity interface in just a couple of clicks.

As a result, you get a server solution deployed in your own cloud, enjoy unlimited opportunities for extended functionality, and don't need to get a yet-another-weird subscription.


CME CloudPurchase features

Verification of payments' correctness

CME CloudPurchase performs verification using special APIs for each of the supported platforms to more reliably confirm the correctness of in-game purchases.

CME CloudPurchase currently supports the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

See the Getting Started / Configuring Stores Integrations section in the User Guide for more information on platform integration.

Test payment identification

CME CloudPurchase helps to separate test payments and, if possible, repeat purchases for informed decision-making.

See the Making Validation Requests section in the Developer Guide for more details on payment verification and operation mechanics.

Tracking payment history

Thanks to a unique system of logging and metrics in Amazon CloudWatch, CME CloudPurchase allows you to monitor payments in real time and upload the entire payment history for further analysis.

See the Usage Statistics and Monitoring section in the User Guide for more information on cloud application usage statistics and monitoring.

Managing deployment environments

CME CloudPurchase allows you to switch between the test and main operating environments directly from the Unity Editor to easily check your cloud application's configuration.

See the Managing Cloud Environments section of the Developer Guide for more information on cloud deployment.

Extension and modification

Almost all of the logic in Assets/CME is extensively documented and available for adaptation for seamless integration with your application's logic.

The cloud logic is arranged in'Cloud/Cloud.sln', a special solution in the projects.

  • 'CME.CloudPurchase/CME.CloudPurchase.csproj' containing the runtime logic of the server application.
  • 'CME.CloudDefinition/CME.CloudDefinition.csproj' containing the logic for deploying a cloud infrastructure.

How CME CloudPurchase works

The extension consists of two elements:

  1. Ready-to-use C# code for client and server payment processing;
  2. Cloud application deployment tools built into Unity Editor.

Each payment in the purchase scenario is processed by sending a request to the cloud application deployed in the chosen environment.

The request is made using the client library integrated into the game.

The environment is selected in the special Unity Editor extension window before building or running the application.

Cloud application

A cloud application is a set of related AWS components required for checking, storing, and monitoring payment history.

Deployment environment

The application is divided into named environments to enable secure testing of cloud application configurations and extensions.

CME CloudPurchase pricing

CME CloudPurchase uses AWS resources very efficiently and is fully compliant with the AWS Free Tier terms of use.

That is why the trial version of CME CloudPurchase will be completely free for you.

Should it be impossible to use AWS Free Tier, the operating cost is still highly competitive.

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